Introducing my princess!


I want to make something special for my daughter, with the help of my cool wife, we are gonna remake some famous scenes with our baby First attempt, the Circle of life scene from The Lion King: Well, imagine us in the the scene:

On Wantrepreneurs

People calling themselves entrepreneurs are the worst at it!

عن السويد


الزيارة الأخيرة للسويد غيرت نظرتي للسويد كبلد وكشعب٬ وربما لحد ما كسرت الصورة النمطية اللي تبلورت عن شعب فاسد سافل سكران وكل ما تسمعه لتبربر وجودك في بلاد “المسلمين”٬ الشعب السويدي محترم جدا وقمة في الأخلاق٬ شعب مثقف ومتعلم٬ شعب متسامح مع نفسه وغيره٬ فخور بالماضي ولكن لا يرغب بعودة الهمجية٬ ويبني للمستقبل ويتكيف بسرعة Read More →

أنا مش بلجيكي! أنا عماني!

أنا أرفض أن تتم نسبتي الى بلجيكا مهما كانت الأسباب، وهذه بعض الأدلة: أولاً أنا عربي ولا أتكلم الفرنسية، وثانيا لايوجد مدينة تدعى الخليل في بلجيكا، وثالثا أنا من مواليد عمان مما يعني أني أردني ومن يستطيع أن ينفي ذلك فليتفضل، ورابعاً أدفع الضرائب وأوظف المواطنين الأردنيين بغض النظر عن أصولهم وديانتهم، وخامساً أحد الأدلة على Read More →

AmmanTT and The Foot issue!

Note: The views and ideas presented in this post are purely mine and i take full responsibility for them. Today we had AmmanTT’s Social Media II Edition, a follow up on the social media edition that was held back in July. This event was prepared in a short notice and the idea of it was to Read More →

I want my freedom back!

I haven’t written anything in my blog since last March, and the reason is mainly the social media platform such as twitter and Facebook, but you never know what you have missed unless it is threatened to be taken away from you! We have all heard about the new laws in Jordan regarding the online Read More →

Happy Birthday to Me. Not!

On my 24th birthday, i would like to thank you all for wishing me all the best in my life and wishing me a happy birthday. But unfortunately, as usual, days i expect to be cheerful and happy, becomes the opposite. so today was one of those days that will be printed in my memory. Read More →

I am not the technical support guy!!

Hello again, it has been a while since i wrote here, but i had good reasons, which i will unveil later. for now i have another complaint of mine that i would like to mention. Listen, I am not the technical support for umniah, orange, sama, zain, batelco, or cyberia. please understand that when I Read More →

Why so serious?


Despite my opinions of wasting money in the cinema, I have seen the dark knight twice!! I know it seems crazy, but the movie is really great, and I believe that if I had the chance to see it again soon I won’t waste it. Heath Ledger performance was superior, this guy was talented in Read More →

Once upon a time 8000 years ago!

The latest astronomical event was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope this week, A huge star explosion 8000 years ago, which light reached the earth on May 1, 1006 and recorded by the Arabic astronomer Ali ibn Ridwan. 1002 years later we had the chance to see it’s ghostly remains. So people do the math! Read More →